Tim Davis'
Studio Singer

New York City

New York is the century old birthplace of studio singing in America!

Soloists and background singers have made a living working on artist recordings, film, television, and commercials for decades. Now, more than ever, musical theater singers are required to sing in the recording studio, but few have been trained in that context.

The Studio Singer Intensive is your opportunity to begin to learn this skill, giving you behind-the-mic experience in a recording studio in large and small groups, and providing the tools needed to take your craft to the next level.

Held in the historic Power Station studios (formerly Avatar), you will record many different styles of music, and receive immediate feedback on your performance. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or are just starting out, this five hour intensive will accelerate your growth in all areas, vocally. Don’t miss it!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018
6pm - 11pm

Power Station Studios
441 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

Payment by August 5: $300
Payment after August 5: $400*

*former SSI attendees receive
the discounted rate.

My Ears Cathedral Pipes Mix


The Studio Singer Intensive was an unforgettable experience, and completely reinforced and reinvigorated my faith that I was meant to be a professional session singer. It was an honor to work with Tim, the vocal staff, and guest singers, who all shared so much invaluable advice and guidance with us. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Katharine Hoye

• • •

When I applied for the Studio Singers Intensive, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know much about Tim nor had I done any studio work in LA. What I did know is that the intensive offered me an opportunity to learn more about my craft and it afforded me an opportunity to meet others who were passionate about doing the same. It did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, it exceeded my expectations in every way! Tim has the heart of a teacher and not only is he a phenomenal studio singer, but he is fantastic at gently leading you to where you want to be while firmly holding you to a non-negotiable standard of excellence. If you are serious about your growth as a vocalist and studio singer, you must make an investment in yourself. There is no better investment that I can advise you to make than to attend Tim Davis’ Studio Singer Intensive!

Eddie Harrison

• • •

I was on the fence about joining the Studio Singer Intensive. Yes, it’s expensive. But mostly, because you have one chance to make a first impression…but, when not one but two of my voice teachers said I should do it, I knew I had to.

In the Intensive, you get to sing at the Sony lot, on the big Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage. It gives you a taste of the big time. My favorite part was when it was conducted just like a mock SAG session. You are recorded. Tim is brutally honest. You try it again. It gets better. You also get to hear other singers who are really working. You hear what makes them great and probably better than you. And if it does nothing else, it will tell you whether or not you’re ready or if it’s back to the grindstone.

Since the Intensive, I have booked an on-camera choir that Tim contracted. I also booked a Super Bowl commercial singing in a gospel choir. Then booked a big SAG movie session with a different contractor. Then another SAG movie session just today. And I can honestly trace it all back to the Intensive. It was just perfect timing for me. It was the spark that I needed.

Is the Singer Intensive expensive? YES. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. In one booking alone, it paid for itself and then some.

Meredith Pyle

• • •

The workshop changed my life.  I don’t know how else I would have gotten this kind of experience (besides getting hired for a scoring session).  I had never been on a scoring stage, read movie scores, or worked with a vocal contractor in a choral setting.  I really liked Tim Davis.  He is not only a skilled and seasoned musician, but also a very proficient contractor and conductor. He was firm but kind.  Honest, but not defeating. He gave real, unfiltered advice.  He ran the sessions (pretty much) like he would a normal recording session, giving tips throughout the day.  We read a variety of scores from movies, TV, radio and recording artists.  Tim also brought in incredible session singers to give us examples of them singing and figuring out parts.

In addition to what was covered in the workshop, I met some wonderful and talented singers who have become friends and part of my music community. This has been as important as anything I learned from the workshop.

I would recommend this workshop to singers interested in any kind of session work (demo, TV, film, studio).  It is an excellent opportunity to assess where you are musically (reading, ear, blending).  It is a wonderful opportunity to walk through a professional recording session if you haven’t already done so.  It would be much better to see how you compare with other singers and make your mistakes in this environment rather than at a paid session where you might get one shot to impress.  It was not cheap, but worth every penny.

Jocelyn Scofield

• • •

Tim Davis' 'Studio Singer Intensive' is an invaluable and inspiring workshop for anyone seriously pursuing a career in studio singing! I was fortunate enough to be a part of the intensive last summer and can without a doubt say that I forgot about the price tag the second I stepped onto the scoring stage the first day! You can't put a price on gaining this kind of advice, knowledge, expertise and inspiration from someone as experienced, passionate and talented as Tim... As someone who has been pursuing this career for many years, Tim's intensive was a huge springboard for me in terms of reaffirming my passion for studio singing and inspiring me to keep persevering.

Jessica Freedman